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Our premium service at Profiting From Statistics runs our 'Statistical Analysis Software' which collects and studies every Premier League team’s statistics weekly. As well as this we take into account other factors that impact on matches – historical rivalries…in form players… and injuries to key players. This way EVERYTHING is covered.
'SAS' will recommend the best statistical bets for upcoming fixtures and after checking and verifying them we can bring to you the very best betting trends – at the very best available odds, straight to your inbox, twice a week.
"...If something happened 9 times out of 10 – would you bet on it to happen next time?…"
Predicting football is one of the hardest things to do…Statistics aid our decisions!
Every football match is a minefield, whether it’s a FA third round game between Chelsea and Wrexham or a top of the table clash between Manchester United and Manchester City, hundreds of different things can influence the outcome of a match.
Pressure, lack of confidence, a hostile crowd, team rivalry, injuries, weather, the bounce of a ball… All of these things – and more – can take down a bet in a blink of an eye. Plus, players are human and they will make mistakes… strikers miss open goals… keepers drop easy catches… referees make wrong decisions.
On top of all that – EVERYONE has an opinion on football. TV pundits… the media… your mates… they are all quick to tell you precisely what’s going to happen in any match or tournament you care to mention.
Start playing the bookies at their own game…
When it comes to setting match odds what do the bookies do? – they look back at the historical records and statistics as well as recent records and form…
So why are YOU not doing the same?
Using match statistics and actual performance data gives you a blueprint of what you can expect in the future.


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